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MLC/POC Scholarship Request

Have you completed the sign-up for the upcoming course or registered through your advisor?
ELIGIBILITY - Limited scholarships are available to persons of color through the generosity of Madison area churches and individuals. Those eligible to request a MLC/POC scholarship must: identify as a person of color and/or a member of a historically marginalized racial or ethnic group; live within driving distance of Madison; have made good faith efforts to apply for any relevant denominational scholarship funds; invite their church leadership to financially support their education; have signed up for a weekly face-to-face class offered in Madison through Madison Learning Community, and if relevant, have earned a minimum of a 2.7 GPA (C+) in their most recent MLC class.
Are you eligible for the MLC/POC scholarship?

Your scholarship request has been sent. If you have not yet invited your church to support your education, or have not yet applied for denominational scholarships, please do so.

Lief Erickson is available to assist you:

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